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Tattooer's Starter Kit

Type: Coil Tattoo Kits

Tattooer's Starter Kit

Do you want to become a tattoo artist, but don't know how to start? It's easy, start with a good equipment kit which will help you to start successfully and grow really fast.

We've already thought for you and selected worthy stuff that will fit you perfectly.

What's inside?

- Rotary machine Tron

Tron is a reliable slider rotary, which suits all kinds of work (lines, solid packing, shadings and color gradients). This machine can push wide variety of needles and cartridges, from small to really big groupings.

This machine has incredibly lightweight so you won't feel any fatigue in your hand, it's was design with maximum ergonomy and all new technology features.

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- Aluminum cartridge grip of 26 mm diameter

Super convenient grip that was made especially for work with cartridges. The grip provides maximum of comfort in the hand, helps to relieve hand stress and fatigue due to its smooth edges.

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- Power Supply Power Box 3A 3.0

Heavy duty reliable power supply provides Tron with required powers, allows to adjust the voltage in a slight way.

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- Utralight Footswitch

Just put your foot on it and everything runs. Supersensitive, durable and super lightweight classical footswitch will please you with its stylish design made in the best traditions of VladBlad Irons.

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- Ultralight RCA armored cord and Ultralight Clipcord armored +Borneo Grommets

Connect everything together and start to work. Ultralight and soft cables will provide you with a comfort during the session and stable connection between the equipment from your new kit. Each cable has armored sheath protection against most of damages.

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Why this equipment will meet all beginner tattoo artist requirements?

The main thing of the kit is a maximum versatile and easy to maintain tattoo machine, which will allow you to try yourself in a really wide range of styles and techniques.

You will get our well known high quality equipment, warranty and customer service as well.

All items in the kit perfectly match each other that will ease the start of your tattoo artist career so you can focus on your skills development instead of solving a bunch of technical problems.

We are always happy to help you to sort out, answer the questions and to solve the technical difficulties.

Go ahead and become a real professional with VladBlad Irons equipment.

Buy it!

We provide the warranty that covers any repairment for the first owner. The warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse. In cases of part breakage after warranty covered period passed you only have to pay the single replacing part cost. 
Coil tattoo machines:
we provide 25 years of warranty for the frame, coils, armature bar and capacitor 1 year for the spring, vise screw, contact screw binding posts. 1 year of warranty for coils cover and frame coating (except vise screw area).

Rotary tattoo machines: we provide a 1 year warranty for all components, a 1 year warranty for motor, cover and frame coating (except vise screw area)

Power supplies: we provide 2 years of warranty for the power supply and 1 year for the adapter. Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs, power supply body openings, physical damage of body, microschemes and wires.

Cords and footswitches: we provide a one year warranty for cords and footswitches
Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs and physical damage.

Purchasing our equipment you buy not only a product but our customer service, support and care about every our client. We never refuse to answer any questions about our equipment and how to work with it. We really love our customers that why we offer life time free service of all of our tattoo machines setting up for the first owners.

To make a complete diagnostics and identify the cause of a breakdown or malfunction of the rotary equipment, we have to make a full or partial disassemble.
If we find signs of self-repair, fluid in the equipment mechanism, attempts at self-soldering, the warranty is canceled. In this case, only paid repair is possible. if during pre-repair diagnostics of the equipment, the above interventions are detected, about which the workshop was not previously notified, and if the client refuses to pay for the repair, then the equipment will be sent back disassembled, due to the fact that our products must pass all stages of testing and performance verification with original components, before leaving our workshop. 

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This machine is super strong and amazingly tuned.. It runs with very low volts and the lining is smooth and easy... I use it for liners between 3 and 7 needles and works great... What I like the most is the tuning.. The sound is tuned to the body notes.. For me it's important because when it's running it's like a part of me... It's definitely a machine made by top artists for top artists...