Arcicle 160916PL1  

Power Liner

Type: Special Offer Power Liner

Ideal for 11-18L needles.
This tattoo machine gives amazing stability and confidence while making clean bold lines!
It is designed specially for those lazy guys who are stretching the skin just with one finger and are making a bold line with 18RL needle in a single pass. Recommended needle groupings 11RL-18RL.

Doesn't know what the problem is with 18RL on cellulite fat butts and other hazardous areas of skin. Not forgiving mistakes and immediately disciplines to make single-pass lines, prevents from being a slacker:)))

Is targeted as a single-pass machine to work close to skin. Also works with a decent tip\needle protrusion. If you experienced problems with lines before, then you are definetely going to throw your previous liners away after you try this one.

The shadow and soft color junctions.

This unique tattoo machine delicately works with B&W as well as with soft coloring. It doesn't care about the pigment thickness - just add one volt if the paint is thick.

Quick machine which you can use for tiny portraits using magnums or RS, as well as covering large areas with BW gradients up to 35 magnum needles.

Choice of many tattoo artists, who want to control softness/hardness, but who are not satisfied with the speed of rotary machines. Hardness/softness of this machine can be adjusted simply by adding/reducing voltage!

The frequency and inertia are calculated in such a way that this machine leaves a lot more pigment than most other machines for one blow! As a result, fewer holes = better quality + less injury + quick healing."

Vlad Blood, founder of Vlad blad Irons

Frame Wolf made of steel.

Buy it!

We provide the warranty that covers any repairment for the first owner. The warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse. In cases of part breakage after warranty covered period passed you only have to pay the single replacing part cost. 
Coil tattoo machines:
we provide 25 years of warranty for the frame, coils, armature bar and capacitor 1 year for the spring, vise screw, contact screw binding posts. 1 year of warranty for coils cover and frame coating (except vise screw area).

Rotary tattoo machines: we provide a 1 year warranty for all components, a 1 year warranty for motor, cover and frame coating (except vise screw area)

Power supplies: we provide 2 years of warranty for the power supply and 1 year for the adapter. Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs, power supply body openings, physical damage of body, microschemes and wires.

Cords and footswitches: we provide a one year warranty for cords and footswitches
Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs and physical damage.

Purchasing our equipment you buy not only a product but our customer service, support and care about every our client. We never refuse to answer any questions about our equipment and how to work with it. We really love our customers that why we offer life time free service of all of our tattoo machines setting up for the first owners.

To make a complete diagnostics and identify the cause of a breakdown or malfunction of the rotary equipment, we have to make a full or partial disassemble.
If we find signs of self-repair, fluid in the equipment mechanism, attempts at self-soldering, the warranty is canceled. In this case, only paid repair is possible. if during pre-repair diagnostics of the equipment, the above interventions are detected, about which the workshop was not previously notified, and if the client refuses to pay for the repair, then the equipment will be sent back disassembled, due to the fact that our products must pass all stages of testing and performance verification with original components, before leaving our workshop. 

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This machine is super strong and amazingly tuned.. It runs with very low volts and the lining is smooth and easy... I use it for liners between 3 and 7 needles and works great... What I like the most is the tuning.. The sound is tuned to the body notes.. For me it's important because when it's running it's like a part of me... It's definitely a machine made by top artists for top artists...