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Our uncompromising nature embodied in a new rotary
Since 2015 we've produced a lot of Seawolf Hybrid rotary machines. This model is used by artists of different levels all over the world. That's why we always get a lot of relevant information on its work which allows us to constantly improve the machine's design and efficiency.

Now this machine easily handles the whole spectrum of work with any classic needles and cartridges with membranes of any hardness. Over the years, we've perfected its performance. The machine's reliability has now reached the level of our coil machines. (And our coil machines are well known around the world for being extremely reliable, powerful and fast)

Last year we worked to make the machine even more easy-to-use, to reduce size and weight while maintaining its overwhelming reliability and power. We have succeeded. Now, let me walk you through the details.

No need to readjust after switching between standard needles and cartridges
By designing Avenger Hybrid we sought to create reliable, fast, versatile and modern tool for those who like classical style tattoo machines and at the same time like to be able to work with both cartridges and standard needles. The machine is designed in such a way that you don't need to readjust it when you switch between cartridges and needles during the working process.

Work at extremely low revolutions
We've put the bar on two bearings and installed a very soft return spring. Because there is very little friction in the mechanism, you can start working at extremely low revolutions. The machine is able to start and work at a mere 2-2.5 volts with premade or with soft membrane cartridges. There are in total 4 bearings in our mechanism and it doesn't need neither oiling nor maintenance.

From softness to hardness simply by changing voltage
Having polled about a hundred Seawolf Hybrid owners, I realised that artists would like to maintain the machine's outstanding lining and solid packing abilities but make it a little softer for black and grey works and color realism.

And we've accomplished that through computer simulations and numerous tests on human skin.

The following parameters have been thoroughly calculated:

— the stroke
— the armature bar length
— the weight of the inertial part of the bar
— the point of application of force from the motor
— the silicone shock absorber resilience (through which the motor transmits its energy to the armature bar)

As a result, with a 3.6 mm stroke we can get up to 4.1 mm amplitude due to inertia of the bar and shock absorbers integrated in the connecting rod. It is this 0.5 mm difference that creates the classical hybrid hit. Thanks to the shock absorbers you can get softness like when using 3.3 mm stroke rotaries as well as a sharp hit of 4.1 mm ones just by combining different classical needles and cartridges.

Perfect balance - nothing stresses your hand
Having dealt with the mechanism, we decided to improve the rest. Continuing the tradition of coil machines production, we cut the frame out of steel. Side plates are cut of durable chemical-resistant Delrin plastic.

We chose a new motor which is three times smaller but more powerful. (The older motor has 28 mm in diameter and 38 mm in length; the new one is 17 mm and 25 mm respectively). This allowed us to shift the centre of gravity much closer to the vise.

At the moment, our rotaries have the best center of gravity location among all side layout motor tattoo machines in the world. This makes it very comfortable to use. Weighing 120 g, the machine seems very light and is really easy to operate.

We placed the RCA connector as close to the center of gravity as possible and calculated the angle that won't allow the cord to annoyingly pull the machine.
You will get maximum comfort and excellent control over your rotary.

Super handy tube vise and needlebar attachment
The devil's in the details of routine daily work with your tattoo machine. Nothing bothers an artist more than a poorly made tube vise.

Creating our SuperJaws(c) tube vise, we reconsidered and reinvented a tube vise with a slot on the front and a guillotine inside. It's very easy to put needles inside this vise and it clamps tubes tightly and evenly without breaking disposable plastic grips.

Side layout motor tattoo machines usually have awkward fixing points for rubber bands. We've tested over ten different options and finally made it good looking and easy to use.

The motor
We carefully analysed the motor failure statistics of well-known Swiss and German brands and decided to order a custom motor designed according to our specifications.

The motor has 2 reliable Japanese bearings, a reinforced brush component, a perfectly balanced rotor and the most powerful neodymium magnets - all packed in a rigid stainless steel body.

The motors are assembled hermetically enough to make it difficult to disable them by drowning with oil, as is often happens with motors of some well-known brands.

In terms of reliability and power, our motors effectively compete and often surpass motors of famous brands. We possess statistics on breakdowns of various motors from different manufacturers and suppliers of tattoo equipment so we know what we're talking about!

The motors are made to our specifications in China and undergo additional quality control at our workshop in Moscow. This model is equipped with a 7 watt V1C7 motor, 10500 rpm (175 Hz).

Traditional VBI quality
In the process of prototyping and testing we consistently studied and carefully thought out all the details and nuances. We are very proud of the original design and amazing ergonomics of this machine.

Designed and made in Russia, Moscow.

Artists note how easy it is to make lines with this machine, even in difficult places, without gaps and blowouts. They also mention that it is comfortable and fast to work with both thin and thick outlines, noticeably better than with other rotary tattoo machines.

Many complimented softness in black and grey/ color gradients and, at the same time, speed, density and atraumatic colour packing, even with large needles, at higher voltage.

Everybody enjoyed the tube vise, slot for rubber bands, smart RCA placing, small size of the machine and optimal weight distribution. This tattoo machine, capable of operating at extremely low revolutions, starts from only 2.5 volts and performs really well within all its working voltage range.

All in all, it is a multifunctional tattoo machine that allows you to do whatever you need in any tattoo style by simply changing the voltage and to use any kind of standard needles or cartridges!

Operating regimes:
Thin outlines: 4-7,5 V
Thick outlines: 5-9 V
Black&Grey: 4,5-7,5 V
Color realism: 6,5-9 V
Colour packing: 4-9 V
Dotwork: 3-7 V
Whip shading: 4-9 V

Input voltage: 3-10V max. 10 V
Power connections: RCA
Rpm range: 0-10500 rpm/min (175 Hz)
Stroke length: 3.6 mm
Inertial suspension of armature bar: 0-0,5 mm
Max. needle size: 50 magnum
Weight: 120 g
Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 54 мм

Buy it!

We provide the warranty that covers any repairment for the first owner. The warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse. In cases of part breakage after warranty covered period passed you only have to pay the single replacing part cost. 
Coil tattoo machines:
we provide 25 years of warranty for the frame, coils, armature bar and capacitor 1 year for the spring, vise screw, contact screw binding posts. 1 year of warranty for coils cover and frame coating (except vise screw area).

Rotary tattoo machines: we provide a 1 year warranty for all components, a 1 year warranty for motor, cover and frame coating (except vise screw area)

Power supplies: we provide 2 years of warranty for the power supply and 1 year for the adapter. Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs, power supply body openings, physical damage of body, microschemes and wires.

Cords and footswitches: we provide a one year warranty for cords and footswitches
Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs and physical damage.

Purchasing our equipment you buy not only a product but our customer service, support and care about every our client. We never refuse to answer any questions about our equipment and how to work with it. We really love our customers that why we offer life time free service of all of our tattoo machines setting up for the first owners.

To make a complete diagnostics and identify the cause of a breakdown or malfunction of the rotary equipment, we have to make a full or partial disassemble.
If we find signs of self-repair, fluid in the equipment mechanism, attempts at self-soldering, the warranty is canceled. In this case, only paid repair is possible. if during pre-repair diagnostics of the equipment, the above interventions are detected, about which the workshop was not previously notified, and if the client refuses to pay for the repair, then the equipment will be sent back disassembled, due to the fact that our products must pass all stages of testing and performance verification with original components, before leaving our workshop. 

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