About Us. About Me. Vlad Blad.

   Since childhood, I was drawn to all kinds of mechanical and electrical devices. When I was about 
six my most favorite toys were pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers and other tools that I have kept in 
a small battered suitcase under my bed. My favorite hobby was hanging around with my tools on 
building sites and dumps taking to pieces everything that was not nailed down. I used all that details 
To construct something up, and now I cannot even remember what that was ...  I just remember
my mom hated my hobbies and she periodically tried to throw out the mountains of wires, spare 
parts and other children's doodads I have stockpiled at home.

   Later, I attended a bunch of different
electronics and aircraft modeling clubs. In the fifth grade, my favorite pastime was brazing the
electronics following the magazines’ schemes.

   In the far 1998 my neighbor, who was a tattoo maker, constructed my first rotor tattoo machine. 
A month later, with the help of phone bell I made ​​my first induction machine. In 1999, I got 
acquainted with the professional induction machine for the first time. This machine is the only one I 
have kept up to these days. Probably there is no need to remind you about the data starvation and a 
lack of communication with the good masters at that far times. Therefore, I have spent years trying 
to learn how to solder needles quickly and customize machines.

   So, when I became a tattoo artist (at that time I still felt that induction is just impossible to make), 
I have tried to make up the rotor several times, and as a result, my passion for mechanics was 
satisfied with the construction of classical rotor machines. They were much easier to produce, and 
I forgot of induction machines for a few years. Then I reached the point of success and my rotary 
machines due to the experiments with a stroke length of the needle, painted the skin really fast. 
However, every acquaintance masters were never tried to repeat – ‘it does not work’, you need 
to work more lightly and gently with the skin. I tried to believe in the words, but my tattoos were 
healing faster and I did them faster.

   In 2000, I became the owner of my first tattoo studio. The business, in addition to tattooing, has 
distracted me from my machines for a long time.

   A little later, I met Alexander Gryzlov from Kaluga (WTE). Together we launched miniseries of 
inductions. He was the master who produced and I the one who customized. After that, I reverted 
to production of tattoo machines several times. All that due to my close people who revived my 
passion to this affair, which periodically were interrupted by the management of tattoo studio that 
required a lot of time.

   In 2007 Alexander Mosolov "Sanych" granted at my disposal his workshop and great experience. It 
was he who helped me to make my first completely hand-made induction tattoo machine. In a short 
space in between 2007-2009 I was actively producing machines, tattooing two or three clients per
day, ran a tattoo studio, developed tattoo supplies and jewelry shop for body piercing. I slept only
five hours and worked seven days a week. Overall, I got the so-called burnout, depression; change 
of businesses and, in addition, numerous removals.

   After hard recovering, I closed my shops and stopped producing machines. I was absorbed in 
tattooing, having left only a couple of trusted masters in the new studio, who did never disturb 
me. I devoted that time to the study of the nature of things and the observation of the advanced 
experts’ work. That's when I learned to make forward-strips, to paint quickly and firmly, to work 
with shades and many more. Several times a week, I was asking to watch how the masters, who 
have made a great impact in a particular style, work. Naturally, I tried to feel their work and their 
machines in order to make some conclusions for myself. During this period, I really learned how 
to customize machines quickly, to understand how and why they work this way and not otherwise. 
Rather quickly, I reached the point when I was no longer satisfied with that bunch of machines I 
had bought during all that time. (I was always interested in innovation and bought all the new items 
and recommended machines, needles and paints). The machines that I have done before, still work 
for many people and they are satisfied with them. However, by that time on the explicit request 
of my friends, I had sold all my machines (even those left for myself), so I had to start producing 
tattoo machines again. 

   This time all the previous experience was taken into account and everything became clear and 
easy to do. I created my own workshop. I invested all my money in the orders of accessories and 
hardware. Since that moment, everything became much more serious than ever before. For a long 
time I have been aware of the business philosophy of "the total absorption in the one process." If 
attempting to reach two different goals – none will be successfully reached. Therefore, I made a 
very difficult decision to stop the tattoo making after 13 years work, to close the studio and to sell 
goods remnants left over from the shops of tattoo and piercing equipment and accessories. I was 
totally focused on the production and customizing of tattoo machines.

   Today, only two years later, my machines are actively sold on the every continent. 
However, there are still a lot of new projects!

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