About Us. About Me. Vlad Blad.

How i got to the idea of machinebuilding... read more →

What's the price of machines?

Depends on the complexity of the machine design and materials you want for it. Starting price is 281 euros. read more →

How order a custom machine from VBI?

Just contact us and we’ll chat about it. read more →

Do you provide any warranty for machines?

Yes, we provide a life time warranty that covers any repairment for first owner, as long as you don’t abuse or disassemble the machine or use it not properly. 25 years for frame and 1 year for parts read more →

Do you ship equipment to other country? How do you ship them?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We ship them via EMS courier service and provide a tracking number afterwards. We never had any problems with shipping. read more →

Do you rebuild or repair machines not built by you?

Sorry, we don’t. I’d suggest, if you have a problem with a machine, it's better way to ask the one who built it. If that person is a professional, you should have a warranty in case the machine you received is not working properly, or something is not ok with it. read more →