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Arcicle BAVP  

AVENGER Tattooer's Pack

Type: Avenger Tattoo Kits
Style: Traditional Realism Newschool Blackwork Oriental Dotwork Whip Shading Letterings
Weight: Light
Uniqueness: Series

Great decision for artists who decided to update the stuff or for newbe, who are choosing his first set.
Look at our new profitable kit including awesome stuff! You'll love it!

At the heart of this kit lies our latest invention Avenger Hybrid - This tattoo machine, capable of operating at extremely low revolutions, starts from only 2.5 volts and performs really well within all its working voltage range. The machine is designed in such a way that you don't need to readjust it when you switch between cartridges and needles during the working process. It can make lines, even in difficult places, without gaps and blowouts. Also it is comfortable and fast to work with both thin and thick outlines, noticeably better than with other rotary tattoo machines. Greate softness in black and grey/ color gradients and, at the same time, speed, density and atraumatic color packing, even with large needles, at higher voltage.

What you'll get in your kit:

1. Avenger tattoo machine
A universal and modern tool for those who love the classic style of tattoo machines and the simultaneous ability to work with pre-made and cartridges.
You can read more about it here - Avenger

2. Power Box 4.0
Power supply with LED display and tough microprocessor for intense and confident work. It has two energy-independent memory cells and digital «footswitch»
For more information — Power Box 4.0

3. RCA Ultralight
RCA Cord for stable connect and effective work - RCA Ultralight

4. Adjustable Aluminum grip for cartriges 32mm
This grip is designed to make your hand as comfortable as possible, it has a smooth shape that will fit handy and convenient to your hand. It is made of durable and lightweight
anodized aluminum that is very easy to clean and sterilize.
For more information - Adjustable Aluminum grip

5. Cheynne cartridge pack
A set of high quality Cheyenne cartridges, including liners and magnums for quick start.

+ A Gift Borneo Grommets

Buy it!

Fixed cost of delivery €35. 

For orders over €500 shipping is free! 


We provide the warranty that covers any repairment for the first owner. The warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse. In cases of part breakage after warranty covered period passed you only have to pay the single replasing part cost. Repairment is always free.

Coil tattoo machines: we provide 25 years of warranty for the frame, coils, armature bar and capacitor, 1 year for the spring, vise screw, contact screw, binding posts. 1 year of warranty for coils cover and frame coating (exipt vise screw area).
Rotary tattoo machines: we provide a 1 year warranty for all components, a 1 year warranty for motor cover and frame coating (exipt vise screw area)
Power supplies: we provide 2 years of warranty for the power supply and 1 year for the adapter. Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs, power supply body openings, phisical damage of body, microchemes and wires. 
Cords and footswitches: we provide a one year warranty for cords and footswitches. Warranty is not valid in cases of self repairs and phisical damage.

Purchasing our equipment you buy not only a product but our customer service, support and care about every our client. We never refuse to answer any questions abour our equipment and how to work with it. We really love our customers that's why we offer life time free service of all of our tattoo machines setting up for the first owners.





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This machine is super strong and amazingly tuned.. It runs with very low volts and the lining is smooth and easy... I use it for liners between 3 and 7 needles and works great... What I like the most is the tuning.. The sound is tuned to the body notes.. For me it's important because when it's running it's like a part of me... It's definitely a machine made by top artists for top artists...