Do you provide any warranty for machines?

Yes, we provide a life time warranty that covers any repairment for the first owner, as long as you don’t abuse or disassemble the machine or use it not properly. 25 years for frame and 1 year for parts. If a spring breaks or another part breaks after a year of use, we’ll replace them for free and will take money only for part.

Our machines are fully tested and perfectly tuned before we ship them, so be sure you’ll have no problems at all with them. If you don’t like the machine or want another type, just tell us and we’ll make any coherent change or machine be refunded within 14 days.
According to the law of the Russian Federation on the protection of consumer rights, the consumer can return the purchased product within 14 days (from the date of receipt), excluding the day of purchase, if the product has retained its original appearance and a receipt confirming the purchase.

But the warranty doesn't cover shipping costs in case you have to send it back to us.